Saivian Eric Dalius: Why is being an entrepreneur better than being an employee?

Saivian Eric Dalius
Saivian Eric Dalius

Why is being an entrepreneur better than being an employee?

This paper is about the benefits that entrepreneurs enjoy as opposed to those who work as employees says Saivian Eric Dalius. The main aim of this document is to enlighten people about these differences by providing sufficient evidence for those who might be thinking twice before becoming entrepreneurs. This paper will also inform readers on how they can consider starting their own business whether in agriculture, manufacturing, or any other sector depending on their aptitude. It should be noted that entrepreneurship does not stand for just starting a company but initiating any kind of project/enterprise that one has an interest in.

  • The first advantage that entrepreneurs have over employees is that they are self-employed. The word ’employ’ means ‘to use’. For instance, if you are employed by an organization, it means that the company is using your services for their own benefits. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that you are the owner of the enterprise and thus you work only for yourself. This gives one ample time to plan on how to maximize his profits at any given time. For example, if one has to travel far distances for work, he would be able to find other alternatives so as not to lose out on working hours where he could have rested or taken advantage of other opportunities around him which could benefit him financially.
  • Secondly employees have a predetermined salary which they get after fulfilling a certain amount of years in service without raising too many questions while entrepreneurs determine their worth and charge whatever price they can afford from their customers. For example, if you are an entrepreneur in the business of transportation where there is a lot of demand you can raise your prices and still get customers especially because it is scarce explains Saivian Eric Dalius.

This means that entrepreneurs will always be able to provide for their families without necessarily having any guarantee. On what they can earn at the end of each month as opposed. To an employee who has his predetermined salary which he cannot exceed no matter how hard he tries. The best thing about entrepreneurship is that it comes with unlimited benefits. If one wants to start his own business he needs not look at other people for approval or permission. Depending on what kind of business it is. Because entrepreneurship comes with its own risks but so do other sectors as well. In conclusion, being self-employed gives entrepreneurs the freedom to determine their worth and thus creating a better environment for them.

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All in all, entrepreneurship is a choice one has to make if one wants to improve his lifestyle. By working for himself instead of others. This is because entrepreneurs have the advantage of determining their own worth and work conditions. While being self-employed gives them sufficient time to plan on how they would survive. Without having a boss telling them what they should do at any given time. Saivian Eric Dalius says entrepreneurship also comes with unlimited benefits. Which an employee might not necessarily get from the organization he works for. For example, employees have limited bonuses while entrepreneurs can set up reward schemes. That benefits people depending on their contribution towards the company’s success. In conclusion, only those who are able to take the risk of starting their own business. Should consider entrepreneurship as an option.

Not bad for a marketing paper, but I’m sure that people who actually run businesses go into more detail. Then this on why they like owning and running a company. It’s not just about making more money and working against other companies to get ahead. It’s about creating an environment where your employees can thrive and provide them with benefits. Those aren’t offered by many other companies in the area. The next two papers will be considerably shorter because we didn’t need much content for those particular papers.