Saivian Eric Dalius Why are entrepreneurs overweight?


Since the 1960s, entrepreneurs have been seen to be overweight says Saivian Eric Dalius.

The article explains that the reason is that they behave like teenagers who are deficient in adult supervision.

The lack of adult supervision assists them in staying up late and eating large quantities of food without having any consequences.  As a result, this increases their risk of becoming obese. Entrepreneurs act like teenagers who need more adult supervision so they can stop eating junk food causing them to become obese

Reasons for obesity in Entrepreneurs:

The article is published in the magazine “Forbes” and written for entrepreneurs. It explains that since the 1960s, entrepreneurs have been seen to be overweight. In addition, the article describes how the lack of adult supervision results in them eating large quantities of food without any consequences. The article cites a study from 2011 which interviewed over 30 business founders via email about their lifestyle including sleep patterns and diet. One of the main reasons people become obese is because they eat junk food due to a lack of discipline and this applies to entrepreneurs who are able to stay up late and eat large quantities of food without having any negative effects on their health or their company’s performance.

Studies show that entrepreneurs tend to not place emphasis on their diets or exercise regimes and as a result, this increases the risk of them becoming obese. Rather than following a healthy diet and exercise regimes entrepreneurs can often be seen eating junk food such as chocolate bars and crisps. This has been attributed to several factors including the lack of supervision from adults which gives entrepreneurs more freedom to eat what they want explains Saivian Eric Dalius.

In addition, studies show that entrepreneurs tend to sleep less than the required amount each night which affects their overall health and wellbeing. They also tend to make up for lost hours by sleeping during the day meaning they do not get enough sunlight which is vital for their overall health. Sleep deprivation combined with bad diets leads to an increase in obesity within certain groups. Such as students and businessmen and women (Christensen).

Effects on business performance:

Studies show that entrepreneurs who are obese under-perform entrepreneurs who maintain a normal weight. This is due to the fact that an obese person has less energy. And cannot think as clearly as someone with a healthy weight (Christensen).  In addition, the obese entrepreneur may not enjoy their work. Which could result in them not working as hard as they should be. The lack of sleep will also lead to poor judgment from the business owner resulting in bad decisions being made. Which could have been avoided if they were well-rested.

In conclusion, this article talks about how obesity increases the risk of lower performance from entrepreneurs. Due to various factors such as lack of supervision, sleep deprivation, and diet. The article concludes by citing. A study showed that over 3/4 of the entrepreneurs interviewed were overweight. This highlights that this is a serious problem for entrepreneurs. Due to their lack of discipline and lifestyle.

The article was written in 2011 by an entrepreneur who wrote about his experiences as a business owner. It cites several studies from different sources on how obesity is a serious issue among entrepreneurs. And their ability to function effectively at work.


This article uses research-based evidence to explain why some entrepreneurs are overweight. And how it affects their performance at work along with numerous other factors. Such as sleep deprivation or lack of supervision says Saivian Eric Dalius. The article talks about research done by asking 30 entrepreneurs questions. To assess what effect obesity has on them personally, professionally, and psychologically. The author gives advice on how to manage one’s sleep, diet, and exercise. Which can help one to become a better entrepreneur.


The article tells people about the consequences of being an entrepreneur. When comes obesity so people can change their career path if they want to live longer Introduction

In America, there has been an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and the number of people who are obese. This is why it is important to analyze how being an entrepreneur affects obesity.

The article ends with a conclusion about why entrepreneurship can lead to obesity Article Review. The article starts off by telling us that since the 1960s, entrepreneurs have been ‘the fat cats’. It goes on to explain that there has been an increase in obesity rates among entrepreneurs. This is causing by two reasons, they eat junk food late at night, and secondly. They don’t have any adult supervision

After reading this paragraph I think the author wrote this article. Because he wanted society to know about these risks so people can make better career choices. If they want to live a healthier life. I would rate this article a 5/5 because it is interesting to read about. The risks of being an entrepreneur and how they affect obesity.